I have a constituent concern regarding the Regent’s decision to provide a “very small loan” of $3.5 million to Athletics to build the baseball clubhouse. The quote of this being a “very small loan” is from Regents Chair Ron Sims and was published in the Moscow-Pullman Daily News in an article written by Scott Jackson on January 29th, 2019. This quote demonstrates that Ron Sims is out of touch with the realities we are facing at the departmental levels where we are facing additional cuts and a permanent tax on salaries to pay for the new Enterprise System. In addition, we have existing building projects, such as REC 5, which cannot currently be completed due to lack of state funding (the top one or two floors of REC 5 currently will just be empty shells). The President has stated, in the past, that only fully funded projects will be taken on at WSU, yet this baseball clubhouse is not fully funded. In addition, this “very small loan” of $3.5 million is being given to the Athletics Program which has failed to pay back the deficit it has created in the university reserves. If this loan to Athletics (and other deficits created by Athletics) is not paid back, academics will have to foot the bill which is an example of how the athletic budget and academic budget are not separate pools. The timing of this decision is not appropriate given our current budget condition as is the comment on the size of the loan from Regents Chair Ron Sims.