As was explained to me last summer when it was applied to my grant, the policy at WSUV is to reduce the amount of any grant paid out as summer income to the amount at which that faculty members’ salary for teaching a summer class would be capped. (E.G. if the cap is $8,000, and a faculty member receives a summer grant of $10,000, that faculty member will receive $8,000 minus deductions for taxes and benefits.) The additional grant money is taken by the university for other uses and not available to the grant recipient in any form (e.g. as travel reimbursement or goods and services). This policy applies to internal grants, grants from Pullman, and external grants. When summer salaries were first capped by WSU, which severely impacted professors already trying to deal with the salary compression WSU has no standard and consistent mechanisms for addressing, we were told to pursue grants in order to make up the loss of income. Under the new policy this is impossible since we cannot draw income from the grants in excess of what we would make by teaching summer classes. So the new policy is a strong disincentive to pursuing grants. as salary supplements. (We can still keep any grant money for travel or goods and services.)