WSU has recently announced a plan to construct new baseball facilities, with a budget of $10 million. According to an editorial in the Nov 14, 2018 Daily News, “The clubhouse would be funded using a mixture of donated cash on hand ($4 million), money pledged ($2.5 million) and money raised through the sale of bonds ($3.5 million)”. These bonds would be guaranteed through access to “general revenues of the university”, which also fund general WSU activities. The athletic department has recently pledged to reduce its considerable deficit and debt, largely through fund-raising. The proposed arrangement suggests that WSU is matching contributors’ funds at a time when there are no funds to match with, a move that will increase the athletics deficit. Why is the cash on hand not being used to decrease the current athletics deficit or debt? Why is WSU proposing to do this construction now rather than waiting until sufficient donated funds are in hand? Does the budget include an endowment for facilities maintenance, as has recently been specified for supplemental donations to facilities that will be used for academics or research? The editorial concludes “We don’t understand why right now is the time for Schulz and Athletic Director Pat Chun to stick their heads out on the line for a baseball clubhouse.” WSU faculty also have questions.