One of my constituents (CAHNRS) has raised a concern that was discussed in last year’s faculty senate and does not seem to be adequately resolved. The issue regards the apparent disproportional growth in WSU (and WSUV) administrative positions in relation to the investment in educational (faculty) positions, especially in the current austerity phase. Perhaps the new administrative positions were to fill vacant positions. But the data are not readily available from the WSU website. The one graph easily findable in the WSU Budget Office and the President’s Office is from 8/31/2017, and it conflates the numbers of Classified, AP, and Faculty employees into one figure. In the spirit of fiscal health and transparency the President and the Provost publicly embrace, it would be important for our WSU community to know the growth of each of these positions, separately, over these past several years. We grew from 4,537 Employee FTE in FY 2013 to 5,281 in 2017. How many of these new 744 positions were faculty? How many were administration? Has faculty FTE increased at the same rate of student FTE? How can we get these numbers and make them easily accessible to our WSU community?