Faculty Senate

Graduate Studies Committee


  1. On a continuous basis, reviews and appraises graduate educational policies, programs, and procedures.

  2. Recommends establishment, continuation, modification, and termination of graduate courses and degree programs.

  3. Advises the Dean of the Graduate School.

  4. Makes policy recommendations regarding the granting of graduate scholarships, assistantships, and fellowships.

  5. Consults with the Academic Affairs Committee on those policies and procedures which jointly affect graduate and undergraduate education.

Composition and Tenure:

  1. One member from each college that offers graduate training.  At least two shall be members of the Senate. (F)

  2. Three graduate students, with two-year terms, with one student representing a branch campus. (G)

  3. President, Graduate and Professional Student Association; Dean of the Graduate School, serving as secretary; Provost and Executive Vice President or designee; Chancellor, WSU Spokane; Chancellor, WSU Tri-Cities; Chancellor, WSU Vancouver. (X)(#)

Chair elected by the Committee.

  • Permanent Subcommittee: Catalog Subcommittee

  • Has representation on the Steering Committee and Catalog Subcommittee.

Responsible to: Faculty Senate

Reports to: Faculty Senate; the President, Dean of the Graduate School, and the Provost and Executive Vice President

Committee Membership:

Daratha, Kenn (F), 2015
Chair, Nursing


Marsh, Sue (F), 2015


Vyhnanek, Lou (F), 2015


Yoder, Jonathan (F), 2015
Economic Sciences


Chandra, Murali (F), 2016
Integrated Physiology and Neuroscience


Clark, Aurora (F), 2016


Joireman, Jeff (F), 2016


Salsbury, Tom (F), 2016
Teaching and Learning


Chauvin, Ted (F), 2017
Medical Sciences


James, Lincoln (F), 2017

Richards, Bob (F), 2017
Materials and Mechanical Engineering

Schwartz, Jennifer (F), 2017


Carris, Lori (X)(#)
Secretary, Associate Dean, Graduate School


Neale, Nathan (X)(#)
President, GPSA


Campbell, Chris (G), 2015
Criminal Justice and Criminology


Slaker, Megan (G), 2015


Adrian, Valerie  (G), 2016


Andrefsky, Bill (X)(#)
Representative, Provost and Executive Vice-President


Brown, Lisa (X)(#)
Chancellor, WSU-Spokane


Moo-Young, H. Keith (X)(#)
Chancellor, WSU-Tri-Cities


Netzhammer, Mel (X)(#)
Chancellor, WSU-Vancouver


Updated 5/27/14

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